Insurance Coverage of Dog Bite Injuries

According to the Insurance Information Institute, more than one-third of all homeowner insurance liability claims paid out in 2009 were due to dog bites. Homeowner’s policies paid out $412 million to compensate the victims of dog bite injuries in 2009 alone. Virtually all dog bite injuries occurring on or near a dog owner/homeowner’s property are covered by homeowner’s insurance policies.

In cases where homeowner’s coverage is not available, other insurance coverage might cover the dog bite victim’s injuries. General liability umbrella policies, renter’s insurance, commercial policies, and, in some cases, auto insurance policies, may provide coverage of dog bite injuries if a homeowner’s insurance policy is not available.

A lawyer representing your interests in a dog bite injury case can conduct an investigation of all available insurance coverage for dog bites. Very often this can be accomplished without having to file a lawsuit in your dog bite case. Insurance companies are very familiar with the strict liability standard that applies to most Massachusetts dog bite cases and, therefore, are eager to settle most serious dog bite cases without much litigation.